Fish Circuits is the culmination of 15 years of experimentations with guitar effects circuits.  At first, demand came mostly from friends who wanted clones or modified versions of popular circuits and it resulted in dozens of sketchy prototypes housed in unpainted 125b enclosures.  None of them looked good and the sound was hit or miss but the endless experimentations eventually lead to more hit than misses.

The first version of the Model One - based on another popular overdrive - was made fairly early on and was an instant favourite.  It was ugly and had some technical issues due to inexperience but the sound was on point.  The actual Model One was eventually developed after dozens of versions to finally have a reliable and versatile circuit that sounds great.  Its custom enclosure was designed to have a unique look and feel making it stand out on any pedal board - or on its own.  And this thing is heavy!

I like to think that the pedals I make are more than just effects pedals.  To me, they are musical instruments.

All our pedals are proudly handmade in Québec.


Although this is currently a one man operation, it wouldn't be possible without the help, advice and guidance from friends and family.  You guys know who you are and I can't thank you enough.

Oh and, why Fish Circuits? Fish is part of my last name, translated from French.