Fish Circuits is the result of 15 years of experimentations with guitar effects circuits and custom builds which culminated, finally in 2021, in the launch of the Model One, our first production model.  We didn't reinvent the wheel, and our circuits are actually pretty simple, but we pride ourselves in making pedals that don't just sound good, but that are versatile too.  After all, these things are musical instruments to us.

We take our time when designing our pedals and we feel like this is needed to make a product that makes us proud.  We currently only have one model out but there are a bunch of projects on the workbench as these lines are being written.  However, nothing comes out until it's ready.

We design our own enclosures and have them made locally, here in Montréal.  They are unnecessarily large and heavy but we just like the look and feel of it all.

All our pedals are designed and handmade in Québec by two scatterbrained but passionate friends, Mike and Simon.

Oh and, why Fish Circuits? Fish is part of Mike's last name, translated from French.